Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ASM Mini G

New skimmer finally showed up today. This was the last item I've been waiting on so needless to say i was pretty pumped to see it. I decided to go with the mini g mainly because of its size. ASM also has a good reputation for producing quality skimmers.

My first impressions are that this is going to be a great skimmer. Its solid and compact which means I didn't break it as i was installing it because unfortunately, that is something i do all too often. This picture was taken about 15 minutes after i installed it and I'm quite impressed with the amount of bubbles and how fine they are. I cant wait until there's actually something producing waste for it to skim out.

One thing i wasn't really expecting...the noise. This sucker is loud. You've probably already noticed the pvc tube held on by a rubber band...this is basically a silencer i made out of some pvc tubing, some caps, and some filter floss. It helped tremendously...hopefully it doesn't impact how well the skimmer performs because there's no way i could keep it on this tank without it.


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  1. So what did you do to with the PVC pipe to make it quieter? I have the mini G in a box ready to be sent back because it is so darn loud. It's unfortunate because it seems to be the only in-sump skimmer that fits in my custom sump. I am not very handy with DIY modifications so I am hoping it is something easy. :)